Boris Koshelokhov (born 1942) — contemporary russian artist.
Lives and works in Saint Petersburg.

1942 Born in Zlatoust (Southern Urals)
1962 Moves to Leningrad. Enters medical school
1962-76 Works as an electrician, medical orderly, driver, construction worker. Participates in geological expeditions. Studies philosophy independently
1976 Begins artistic work: paintings, assemblages, volumetric compositions. Organizes the Chronicle (Letopis) group. Joins the Society for Experimental Exhibitions (TEV)
1978 Spends several months in Italy
1979 Joins the Society for Experimental Visual Art (TEII). Participates in dozens of group shows with other unofficial Leningrad artists
1982 Produces approximately fifty wooden sculptures
1982 Works on plastic volumetric compositions
1989 Puppets of the World March Around the World (oil on canvas, 23 meters x 6 meters)
1989 Residency in Amsterdam
1992 Heilige Suender (oil on canvas, 120 meters x 3 meters)
1994 Starts Two Highways project
2000 Festival of Contemporary Petersburg Art (Esberg, Denmark)
2002 The second stage (6000 pastels) of Two Highways is completed
2000-02 Works on styrofoam compositions
2008 Works in digital media. Ex Machina series of 1600 digital graphic works


1978 Rome, Soverato, Catanzaro
1982 Apt-Art Exhibition (Leningrad)
1986 Directorate for Regional Museums (The first official exhibition of an “unofficial” artist in Leningrad since 1924)
1987 Central Exhibition Hall (Leningrad)
1986  Mars Gallery (Moskow)
1988-89  Kanta Sztuka Gallery (Gdansk)
1989 Warsaw, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam
1990 Henry Pochon Gallery (Lyon/Paris)
1992 Manege Central Exhibition Hall (Saint Petersburg)
1992 Fedor Gallery (Sestroretsk, Russia)
1992 The Kremer Studio (Berlin)
1992 Werdermann Art Gallery (Hamburg)
1997 Werdermann Art Gallery (Hamburg)
2000 Festival of Contemporary Petersburg Art (Esberg, Denmark)
2001 The State Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg)
2002 Manege Central Exhibition Hall (Saint Petersburg)
2002 Na Obvodnom Gallery (Saint Petersburg)
2005 Village Life Gallery (Saint Petersburg)
2008 Anna Nova Gallery (Saint Petersburg)
2008 Era Foundation (Moscow)
2010 Anna Nova Gallery (Saint Petersburg)


1976 The Peter and Paul Fortress (Leningrad) (with TEV)
1978   Venice Biennale
1978 Leningrad Youth Hall, Kirov Culture Palace, Theatre of Peoples Art (with Chronicle)
1978-91 Apt-Art exhibitions, Leningrad
1986 Kadriorg Art Museum (Tallinn)
1987 Warsaw, Gdansk
1988 Kunsthalle in Emden (Germany)
1988 Art Against Commerce (Amsterdam)
1988-89 TEII American tour: Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York
1989  Moscow
1989/90 Stockholm, Gothenburg
1992-2010 Annual exhibitions in Manege Central Exhibition Hall (Saint Petersburg)
1995 Oslo
2000 Esberg (Denmark)
2007 Moscow Museum of Modern Art



State Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg), Sebastopol Regional Museum, Khabarovsk Regional Museum, State Museum for Art and Design (Nuremberg); private collections in the former Soviet Union, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, England, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, and South Korea.